Fancy a fag? Head to Germany!

What is it with our continental cousins and their fondness for ciggies?

Here in the UK you are banished to the street, sometimes out of the back door into some damp dark alley. Go on skulk alongside the other vermin, that’s how you feel isn’t it?

Well, come and smoke in Germany its positively encouraged!

Get yourself into the bars and clubs.
You’ll be back in the cool gang, just as you were in the 70’s 80’s back in the UK.

No more pasty yellow nicotice addled skin, head on to Paris, you will beam like the sun, vibrant with vitality!

Bugger, you’ll have to come back at some point though. Back to feeling like a leper in your own country.

Not to worry – there’s a last chance to be cool and fashionable in the airport terminal… in a new restaurant!



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