Show me the way to Amarillo!

De Molen Brewery, located about 30 miles South of Amsterdam, is worthy of a visit if you are in the vicinity. Here are a few details of how to get there and what you might find when you do.

As for the title of this post….  If you didn’t already know, Amarillo is one of De Molen’s star beers, a massive hitting 9.5% ABV Imperial IPA. When you pour out a bottle, huge tropical aromas engulf your senses. It’s UmBongo armed with a pineapple bazooka.


My last bottle of Amarillo was during the Christmas festivities in The Bacchus poured with a 2 inch thick viscous foam head which any posh chef would be happy to call a “Mango Espuma”!

Anyway, if you find yourself in Amsterdam and you’ve done all the tourist things why not jump on a train and head out to visit De Molen Brewery? It’s less than an hour through the flatland fields interspersed with canals, windmills and wildlife.
You never know, when you get there you might be able to try Amarillo served super fresh on tap!

Start your journey off at Amsterdam Centraal Station, purchase a ticket to Bodegraven from one of the many yellow ticket machines.

You’ll have to change trains in Utrecht, a great stopping off point if you’ve got time for a wander. Utrecht station itself also has a decent shopping centre attached, so there’s plenty of spending opportunities while you await the regular connection.

trains bodegavsign

Once you have “de-trained” at  Bodegraven the De Molen Brewery is a short 10 minute stroll through the small town centre.

Head over the road behind the station and turn right up Prins Hendrikstraat.
When you get to Van Tolsraat juntion just turn left and keep going. You will walk past a bottle shop known as a Bier Winkel on Van Tolstraat specialising in Belgian brews.IMG_4274-001

Probably best wait until you visit De Molen’s Bottle shop before loading up here or else you might find you don’t have enough luggage space!
Keep going a little further till you see the windmill (De Molen).
You can’t miss the brewery shop and restaurant/bar.

windmill doors

Around 10 De Molen beers on tap and a lovely multi roomed restaurant/bar area greet you.
You can do ‘beer flights’ to try small glasses of everything they have on draft or try a few regular glasses of the good stuff.


Soak up that beer with some bar food. Don’t forget to try out some of the delicacies such as the Dutch favourite Bitterballen  – a mashed meaty treat that has been deep fried and also the tasty pork sausage, of course both dishes are served with De Molen’s very own beer mustard.


De Molen still brew small batches of specials in the windmill but just 100m or so down the road from the bar/restaurant you will find the main brewery.
Set in a modern white industrial unit with a large sign announcing its beery presence. sign

I know they do tours on set days and times but we just turned up over the Christmas break and sheepishly knocked on the door.
The owner was more than happy to show us round the brewery and bottling line on this quiet day.


They must really love their beer, as the brewing vessels all have names!
Star Wars geeks as well as beer geeks will love this idea.



As well as their automated crown cap bottling line, the brewery hire staff with disabilities and keep automation of the larger champagne style corked bottles to a minimum. Doing this enables these workers to stay involved and give them a purposeful task at this important stage of production. It was great to see them in action. It was mentioned that a lot of De Molen beer is headed to the UK thanks to a large BrewDog import.


After tasting their brilliant beer you can top off your visit in the bottle shop. Housed under the windmill, the shelves groan with imports from USA, Belgium, UK etc.. but the white labels of De Molen stand out to tempt you with some rare brews and regular treats.

Bring a strong backpack!

bottleshop2 bottleshop1botts1

For a great Dutch day out you can’t beat a visit to De Molen Brewery.

Check out their website here 


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