Hop Pandamonium

I do realise that Pandamonium is spelt incorrectly, that’s deliberate – let me explain.

Mordue Brewery have a highly educated and skilled head brewer in the name of Rob Millichamp. Now Rob is daft as a brush when it comes to beer geekery, blinding scientific facts litter his explantion of what’s going on during the brewing process I’m left in no doubt of his skills when Matt Fawson one of the joint owners of Mordue Brewery tells me Rob has a degree in Chemistry and a Masters degree in brewing.

After some pestering from Rob a couple of years ago, the Mordue management agreed to let him brew some experimental beers on the production kit. They named this side project “Panda Frog” which itself was named after the the 2 vessels on Rob’s test kit. All the beers produced are innovative, packed with flavours (some weird, some mad, all decent).

These beers all have “Panda” in their name, hence Pandamonium.

In late May 2014 Matt invited me down to watch the brewing process of Pandamonium.

The beer was first brewed last year, it’s a beautifully floral, citrusy West Coast IPA.

Rob digs out the Mash tun
Rob digs out the Mash tun

Check out the hop additions!

A selection of hops for Pandamonium
A selection of hops for Pandamonium

During the boil we added a ton of hops at selected intervals, at the end of the boil a ton more went in.

IMG_9085    IMG_9092






Once the final hop additions had time to render out their juicy aromas and oils it was time to get the wort into the Fermenting Vessel and add the Californian yeast strain, for that West Coast IPA smoothness.

Rob checks on the Original Gravity of the wort before fermentation.

Checking O.G
Rob checks the O.G
photo 1
Connecting up the FV
photo 3
Pitching the Californian Yeast

After the Copper was drained, the hop additions were dragged out. This gives you some idea of the massive hop monster this IPA turned out to be.

Hops pulled from the Copper
Hops pulled from the Copper

Thanks to Rob for being a great host and basically proving to me that I know nothing about brewing chemistry and for Matt for letting be part of a massive West Coast IPA brewed right here in the North East of England.

After all that hard work it was time for a tab break.










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