Golden Pints 2014


 Best UK Cask Beer

I’ve made special trips to drink Siren Sound Wave on cask this summer.

Stupendously good IPA.

 UK Keg Beer

Keg has gone massive hasn’t it? Great when used to bring out the flavour, but just plain daft when used as a gimmick.

I had the pleasure to drink super fresh Buxton Double Axe at The Grove in Huddersfield this summer.

If Double Axe was an American beer you’d never the hear the last of it – world class, fantastic and British.

Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer

Apart from Kipling? Well I’ve recently got a hankering for Camden IHL in cans.

Best Overseas Draught

Priarie Bomb for dark, Founders Mosaic Promise for pale.
Both have you wincing with pleasure and making those noises that get you tutted at.

Best Overseas Bottled or Canned Beer

Heady Topper
Its like mission impossible to get hold of it, when you do its worth it, unlike Pliny The Elder – pah.

Best collaboration brew

Loved all of the Rainbow Project beers this year – special mention to Buxton Omnipollo Biscuit, Peanut Butter Stout.

But winner of collab has to be Siren/Tool 10 Finger Discount 1st edition.

Best Overall Beer

What a year for beer it’s been. To pick an overall favourite is impossible.
This accolade is shared by:
Siren Soundwave
Almasty CaraMild
Brodies Hoxton Special IPA
Summer Wine Cirachi

Best Branding, Pumpclip or Label

Almasty Brew Co. – easily the finest beer T shirts available.
and stickers, free stickers everywhere!

 Best UK Brewery


Honorary mention to Pilot Brewery from Leith – nothing has been bad from the Brits over the border.

Best Overseas Brewery

Sharey prize to: Founders / Cantillon

Pub/Bar of the Year

Locally “The Free Trade Inn” continues to deliver quality ahead of the game.

Was blown away by “One Mile House” in NYC this autumn.

Best New Pub/Bar Opening 2014

Bierrex, Newcastle.
Delayed by a few months so they could ensure it was right first time and well worth the wait.
A huge selection of some the UK’s and worlds best beers backed up by excellent knowledgeable staff.

The food’s not bad either.

Beer Festival of the Year


Nearly everything that was on at IndyMan was here but fresher and all on at once.

literally 100’s of world class beers on offer from the finest brewers.
Friendly, accessible, open – just fantastic.
A mecca for beer lovers across the world.

Supermarket of the Year


 Independent Retailer of the Year

Coppers 8 ’til 8, Gosforth Newcastle

This year saw 5 keg lines go into the shop. Regular growler fills of Brodies, AlphaState, BrewDog, Siren, Almasty =  Amazing.

Online Retailer of the Year

Used Eebria this year – very quick, and of course from the breweries direct means fresh!

Best Beer App

Craft Beer London or Craft Beer New York – both must have apps when traversing NY-LON

 Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer

Twitter is for fun with a bit of serious beer commentary on the side.

@TotalCurtis and @TheBodega_SJF win this.

Best Brewery Website/Social media

BrewDog for all their failings seem to have got it mostly right here. Customer service is second to none, prices with Shareholder discount are very good.

I just wish they’d talk to us as grown ups!


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